Narda’s Authentic Caribbean

WELCOME to NARDA’S AUTHENTIC CARIBBEAN, featuring Narda’s Ginger Punch in six flavors. It’s a perfect blend of 100% natural fresh ginger juice and six different fruit juice combinations to produce a refreshing, invigorating, healthy beverage line. Whether in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, enjoy it cold or warm.
Narda’s Ginger Punch was born twenty years ago out of Narda’s desire to serve her diners a beverage that paired well with the dishes she was cooking up in her Caribbean-themed restaurant…this blend of fruit juices combined with ginger was an instant hit.

Narda’s professional life had a course correction when she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an elementary school teacher, and, even while fulfilling this lifelong goal, Narda continued to develop and perfect juice combinations, which she shared with her friends and family. After a fifteen year hiatus, Narda’s Ginger Punch was reborn and put into commercial production. Since our plant was opened in 2011, we have seen significant growth, and our beverage continues to please everyone who tastes it. Narda’s Ginger Punch is available In supermarkets, restaurants and directly from our plant.

Our beverage makes you think of Sea, Sand and Sunny Skies.. Celebrate life!

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